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William Scott Myles

 The Butterflies Haunt: Victorian watercolour painting by the artist William Scott-Myles (c.1830-1911)


 Moses Harris  (1731 -1785)

The engraver and entomologist introduced The Natural System of Colours between 1766 and 1770.

The best painter and engraver of insects at the period in which he lived, besides being the most accurate describer. Although not an educated man, he was an accurate and original observer; for he was the first, we believe , who called the attention of entomologists to the neuration of the wings and even arranged his genera conforma thereto. Besides the plates to Drury'S insects, and the engraving of those to Smith and Abbots, he is the author of the following works:

 1. The Aurelian, or Natural History of English Butterflies and Moths

2.  An Exposition of English Insects 

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Adriaen Coorte (1660–1707) 

Adriaen Coorte (ca. 1665 – after 1707) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of still lifes, who signed works between 1683 and 1707. He painted sortemall and unpretentious still lifes in a style more typical of the first half of the century, and was "one of the last practitioners of this intimate category".[1]



 A Pot of Wild Strawberries

Still Life with Three Medlars

Ottilie Pirngruber 


 A canary and a butterfly on a bouquet of flowers, with fruit on a ledge, 1866


Katsushika Hokusai    October or November 1760 – May 10, 1849

 Peonies and Butterfly

Philosopher watching a pair of butterflies

Philosopher Watching a Pair of Butterflies
Philosopher Watching a Pair of Butterflies
Philosopher Watching a Pair of Butterflies